The University of St. Thomas

UST Faculty (MAT Program)

University of St. Thomas Department of Theology Faculty
(Master of Arts in Theology Program)

Anthony, Cara, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology - Relationship of Doctrine to Spirituality; pneumatology; Christian experience in autobiography; Sacraments

Boyle, John F., Ph.D.
Historical Theology - Latin Middle Ages 

Brady, Bernard, Ph.D.
Ethics - Catholic moral theology; Christian social ethics; Justice and Christian theology; love and Christian theology

Carvalho, Corrine, Ph.D.
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible - Prophecy, especially Ezekiel; Israelite religion; Catholic biblical theology 

Cavanaugh, William, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology - Ecclesiology: church-state relations, alternative Christian communities; Social Ethics: religion and politics, religion and economics, globalization, the Church in Latin America; Eucharist: the social form of the Eucharist 

Cory, Catherine, Ph.D.
New Testament - Gospel of John; Gospel of Mark; Pauline literature; Apocalyptic literature; Christologies of the early church; Women in the early church

Feldmeier, Peter, Ph.D.

Gavrilyuk, Paul, Ph.D.
Historical Theology - Patristic theology; Divine suffering/impassibility; Rites of Christian Initiation; Eastern Orthodox theology 

Hallman, Joseph, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology - Theological methods and resources; Christology; process theology; theology of the Church Fathers (esp. their views of God and Christ) 

Hollerich, Michael, Ph.D.
Historical Theology - Church history, all periods, but special competence in early Christianity:  Early Christian biblical interpretation; politics and theology; Eusebius of Caesarea; Eastern Christianity

Joncas, Rev. J. Michael, S.L.D.
Liturgical and Sacramental Theology - New Testament; patristics; semiotics; medieval theology

Jordon, Sherry, Ph.D.
Historical Theology - Reformation theology; women in the Christian tradition 

King, Anne, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology - Grace/sin; Trinity; spirituality and mysticism; modern Roman Catholic and Protestant thinkers on theological anthropology

Landry, David, Ph.D.
New Testament - Synoptic gospels and parables; hermeneutics and interpretation theory. 

Martens, John, Ph.D.
New Testament - Hellenistic Judaism concentrating on Philo of Alexandria; Interpretation of the Bible, Letters of Paul; Rabbinic Judaism

McMichael, Br. Steven, S.T.D.
Historical Theology - Medieval studies; Franciscan studies; Jewish-Christian relations; Muslim-Christian relations; World Religions; Ecumenism

Myers, Susan, Ph.D.
New Testament and Early Christianity - Early Christian controversies and development of doctrine; Syriac-speaking Christianity; apocryphal Acts of Apostles; Early Christian prayer and liturgy; Letters of Paul 

Nichols, Terence, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology - Science and theology; death and afterlife; world religions; ecclesiology 

Niskanen, Paul, Ph.D.
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible - Daniel; Apocalyptic literature 

Penchansky, David, Ph.D.
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible - Women and the Bible, Theology and film; Theology and literature; Wisdom literature, Biblical theology; Literary theory and hermeneutics; Theodicy; Hebrew narratives

Rolnick, Philip, Ph.D.
Ethics; systematic theology

Sain, Barbara, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology

Schlabach, Gerald, Ph.D.
Moral Theology - Christian social ethics; peace and justice issues; Augustine studies; Mennonite-Catholic dialogue

Smith, Rev. David, S.T.D., S.S.L.
New Testament/Justice and Peace Studies - Theologies of Justice and Peace; Liberation theologies; Catholic social teaching; world religions; Active nonviolence; Conflict resolution; Social analysis and power structures research

Ulrich, Edward, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology/World Religions - theology of religions; comparative theology; Hindu-Christian dialogue; Hinduism 

Vrudny, Kimberly, Ph.D.
Systematic/Historical Theology - Medieval Mariology

Wojda, Paul, Ph.D.
Moral Theology - Biomedical ethics; Political theology (liberation theology; church/state questions); Theology and natural science; Philosophical theology (esp. Wittgenstein); reception and development of moral doctrine in the Christian tradition