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Legacy Gifts & Scholarship Funds

Legacy Gifts & Bequests 

Many alumni and friends of The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity choose to support the Church's mission of preparing priests and lay men and women for service by including the seminary in their estate plans.  Once realized, legacy gifts provide long-term, dependable support for seminary programs.  These deferred or planned gifts, often called legacy gifts, include:

Bequests in a Will
IRA or Retirement Plan
Charitable Gift Annuity
Revocable Trust
Charitable Remainder Trust
Gift of Home or Farm
Other Real Estate
Life Insurance Policy

Those who choose to make a deferred gift or bequest join The Hill Society, named for the seminary's founders, James J. and Mary Hill, who with the vision of Archbishop John Ireland, established the seminary in 1894.  Legacy gifts ensure The Saint Paul Seminary remains one of the finest institutions of its kind.

The Hill Society members are remembered at Mass and are invited to an annual gathering.  Most importantly, everyone who makes planned gifts or bequests creates a lasting legacy of support for priests' and lay people's service to the Church for years to come.

Scholarship and Designated Funds

Legacy gifts may be utilized to create a perpetual memorial for loved ones by establishing a named endowed fund.  Designated funds are created from large gifts that provide a perpetual source of support for the seminary's mission.

Each year only a portion of the fund's investment income is used to support a specific component of the seminary's work.  The fund's initial principal is retained and the income provides the seminary with long-term, dependable resources.

For more information about establishing a named endowed fund or making a legacy gift, please contact Tom Ryan, at 651-962-5054 or