The University of St. Thomas

Church Business Administration

Seminar I Program Topics

Property Management
Risk Management; Custodial Management (purchasing and supplies); Maintenance; Space Utilization; Energy Conservation and Recycling; Security and Safety; Insurance; New Construction and Renovation; Operational Cost Analysis; Grounds and Parking; Vehicles; Bidding and Contracts; Outsourcing; Food Management
Theology of Stewardship
Stewardship Promotions and Follow-Up; Biblical Basis; Stewardship Education (planned giving, time and talent)
Information Management
Overview of Computer Systems (hardware/software), Resources; Acquisitions (leasing vs. purchasing); Office Technology (e-mail/internet); Network Administration, Backup and Security; Web Development
Communication and Marketing
Internal and External; Public Relations-Marketing (including advertising, newsletters, promotions); Crisis Management 

Personnel/Human Resource Management
Employment Law and Risk Management; ADA-Family Medical Leave; Definition of Roles and Duties; Supervision-Performance Reviews; Search, Interview, Hire, Evaluation; Background Checks-Physical Drug Testing; Termination; Compensation and Benefits Recognition; Personnel Policies and Procedures; Sexual Harassment; Contractual Agreements For Employment; Workers' Compensation, OSHA; Unemployment Compensation
Office Management
Supplies and Purchasing; Efficiency-Workflow; Information Management; Office Technology (e-mail, voice-mail, copiers, equipment); Hospitality (telephone, etiquette, reception); Safety and Security of Personnel; Professionalism (confidentiality, image); Record Retention
Staff Development
Team Building/Development-Mission; Improving Staff Performance-Systems Theory; Paid and Unpaid Staff; Interpersonal Relations; Conflict Management; Supervisory Development; Accountability
Congregational Leadership
Organizational Structure (committee, ministry team, task forces, boards, councils, etc.); Discernment and Development of Gifts and Talents (screening, interview, training, supervision); Principles of Effective Meetings