The University of St. Thomas

 Church Business Administration

Seminar II Program Topics

Legal and Tax Matters
Legal Counsel and Lawsuits; Liability-Mandated Reporting; Copyright Laws; Incorporation; Taxes; Unrelated Business Income; Zoning; Contributions; Resources; Recent Changes/Current Issues; Child Protection Policies, Mediation & Arbitration, Legal Audits
Theology & Ethics of Church Administration
Administration as Ministry and Mission; The Church as Business; Church Polity and Denominational Structures; Ethics; Cultural Perspective and Diversity

Christian Perspectives and Theology of the Church
Theology of the Church; Ecumenical Perspective; Mission and Ministry of Christ's Church; Theological Method

Strategic Planning
Strategies for Church Growth; Management Theory and Practice; Strategic/Long Range/Operation Planning; Vision and Mission Statements; Goals and Objectives; Measurable Outcomes; Implementation
Financial Management
Reporting Process; Accounting Process; Contribution Accounting; Fund Accounting; Cash Management (fiduciary management); Annual Review/Audit; Internal Audit; Long Range Budgeting; Investment Strategy, Policies and Procedures; Capital Improvement Funding; Financial Software; Internal Controls and Risk Management; Budgeting
Stewardship of Self
Time Analysis; Time Wasters; Stress Management (self-care, burnout, fitness); Daily/Weekly/Yearly Planning; Time Habits and Motivation; Ministry of Interruption; Prioritizing