The University of St. Thomas


Undergraduate Social Work - Application to the Major


To be formally accepted into the social work major, the student will:

  • Have junior standing.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 at time of admission to the major.
  • Complete a petition-for-major form (SCU) or a major field card (UST).
  • Submit a copy of current transcript. (Unofficial copy is acceptable.)
  • Submit a copy of first semester field evaluations.
  • Complete an information form for social work faculty panel.
  • Complete an interview with academic advisor.
  • Be reviewed and approved by social work faculty.


I. Petition-for-major form (SCU) or major field card (UST)

  • Purpose: To become officially registered as a social work major so that you may register for courses in the major.
  • Procedures: Obtain the form from one of the social work offices -- either Room 113 Fontbonne Hall at SCU or Room 405, Loras Hall at UST. Also, St. Catherine's students may obtain the form from the secretary to the associate academic dean (Derham Hall) and St. Thomas students from the academic counseling office (Aquinas Hall).

II. Information form for social work faculty

  • Purpose: The form will be reviewed by your academic advisor and the school dean, and the information will be used as background for discussion during your interview with your academic advisor.
  • Procedures: Obtain the form from one of the social work offices.

III. Current transcript

  • Purpose: To provide information regarding academic background and to document the required GPA of 2.25.
  • Procedures: Obtain your most current transcript from the registrar of your college (unofficial transcript is acceptable).

IV. First semester field evaluations

  • Purpose: To provide information regarding satisfactory progress in junior fieldwork.
  • Procedure: Submit copies of junior fieldwork first semester evaluations to advisor. (This includes both the students' evaluation of field placement and the fieldwork instructors' evaluation of the student.)

V. Meeting with academic advisor

  • Purposes
    • To meet with the student individually to discuss educational plans and needs.
    • To assess the student's academic and social potential for successful completion of the social work program.
    • To make a recommendation about acceptance into the major.
  • Procedures
    • You will receive a letter from your advisor regarding scheduling an interview.
    • You will complete the following and turn in to your advisor prior to March 1:
      • a. Petition-for-major form (SCU) or major field card (UST)
      • b. Information form for social work faculty
      • c. Current transcript
      • d. First semester evaluation forms (junior fieldwork)
    • You are responsible for making sure all of the above requirements have been met and are expected to appear at your scheduled time unless you notify your advisor in advance.
  • What can you expect to happen during the interview with your academic advisor?
    • Your information form, transcript, and fieldwork evaluation forms will be reviewed during the meeting.
    • During the meeting, your advisor will consider factors such as academic functioning, motivation, commitment, experience, background, existence of any patterns of inappropriate behavior and future goals.
    • Students are encouraged to ask questions and share concerns.
    • If your advisor has a concern in any area, that concern is shared openly and discussed.
    • Your advisor will forward the recommendation to accept you into the major to the full-time faculty.

VI. Review and approval by social work faculty in the decision about accepting you into the major will be made in a meeting of the full-time faculty.

  • If you are accepted, an official letter of acceptance will be sent to you.
  • If you are not accepted, because a requirement is not met or for some other concern, you will either be asked to reschedule with your advisor for reconsideration after working on the concern, or you may be accepted conditionally pending satisfactory completion of the requirement (e.g., retaking the writing assessment with satisfactory results).
  • If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the faculty you may proceed with your grievance through the normal grievance procedure, as outlined later in this handbook.