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  • Class Schedules

    Class locations and availability are subject to change. Please consult the online Class Finder or Searchable Class Schedule in MURPHY for the latest updates. Schedules in either location are the most current version and outdate any printed schedule.

  • Registration Information

    Students will receive e-mail notification to their UST e-mail address approximately three weeks before the scheduled start of registration with term specific registration information.

    Registration for Fall 2010
    Fall 2010 registration for all MSW students will begin June 1-4.

    When does my registration time begin?
    To check your specific registration date/time, please log on to Murphy and go to Student Services, then click Registration, and then Registration Status. Select the term Fall 2010 and submit. This screen will display your registration date/time and if you have any holds on your account preventing your from registering on time. Failure to take care of any existing holds before your registration time may delay your ability to register! Please contact the office where the hold originates BEFORE you are scheduled to register.

How do I know what classes to register for?
See course sequencing outlined on the following document. Any deviation must be approved by your advisor and MSW Program Director.
MSW Program Plans - Course Sequences
(PDF file)

Cohort Classes/Date for Fall 2010:
AS Cohort 8 - GRSW 625-02 (42939), GRSW 645-02 (41753)
AS Cohort 7 - GRSW 603-06 (41750), GRSW 607 (assigned section)
AS Cohort 6 - GRSW 682 (choose one section from 14-19), GRSW 619-01 (42936)

RS Cohort 4 - GRSW 540-05 (41333), GRSW 625-02 (42939)
RS Cohort 3 - GRSW 501-04 (41331), GRSW 505-08 (41332)
RS Cohort 2 - GRSW 682 (choose one section from 14-19), GRSW 624-02 (42937)
RS Cohort 1 - GRSW 682 (choose one section from 14-19), GRSW 615-01 (42934)

Where do I register for classes?
Link to MURPHY online registration

How do I register for classes?
Detailed MURPHY online instructions

Help! I can't register...
A few common errors in Murphy include:
"You have no registration time ticket" - solution: go back to the main Registration menu and Select term. Make sure you are selecting the term you are registering for (Fall 2010) not the current term. 
"Waitlist Closed or Waitlist Unavailable" - solution: not all classes have waitlists available and those that do have a maximum capacity of 5. Make certain you follow the instructions for waitlisting in the Murphy online instructions to waitlist for a class.

Any questions please contact

I am on a waitlist, how do I know if I can enroll in the class?
When space becomes available in a closed course, the students on the waiting list will be notified by the MSW Program Manager through their UST e-mail account. Please do not contact the instructor of the section you are waitlisted in.

Weekend Cohort Elective Courses
GRSW 615-01, GRSW 619-01 and GRSW 624-02 are all weekend cohort electives meeting on Fridays (12-9 p.m.). There may be a LIMITED amount of seats available in these courses for evening MSW students. If you are interested in enrolling on one of these electives, please contact Lisa Dalsin, MSW Program Manager at You will be placed on a manual waitlist until cohort enrollment for the course is complete.
Remember...we can guarantee you will be able to take all the courses you are scheduled to in a specific term, but we cannot guarantee specific dates/times/ or instructors.