The University of St. Thomas

Financial Aid

Graduate Program Financial Aid

St. Catherine University and the University of St. Thomas provide assistance to graduate as well as undergraduate students on the basis of financial need. Although graduate students do not qualify for state or federal grant programs, the college and university provide limited grant awards from their own resources to graduate students. Graduate students may receive any of the loan funds administered by the university. In order to establish eligibility for financial aid, a student must complete a standard financial aid application. Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis. Candidates must complete new application materials for each year of study. The University of St. Thomas has available a limited amount of grant funds for graduate students of color.

For more information, contact a financial aid officer at (651) 962-6550


Scholarship Infomation and Search:

For a listing of possible scholarship opportunities offered through the university, click here.

For a listing of outside scholarship and loan opportunities compiled by the School of Social Work, click here.


Judith Holm Memorial Student Awards for 2011

For information on the Judith Holm Scholarship sponsored by the Center for Clinical Social Work, please click HERE and HERE.

MSW Research Assistantship Info & Application Download

Application and information for 2010-2011 assistantships is available HERE. The deadline for all materials is July 30, 2010.

Please complete application information as a word document and print to submit with your resume. It is much easier for us to read if it is typed versus hand-written.

**You do not need to reapply if you are planning to work with the same faculty member as last year. Please have the faculty member send a note to Lisa Dalsin confirming your continuation of the assistantship for 2010-2011.