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Gero-Social Work Practice

Gero-Social Work Practice

Gero-Social Work: Practice With Older Adults

What is gero-social work?

Gerontological social work is social work practice with older adults – primarily focused on maintaining and enhancing their quality of life. Gero-social work includes attention to physical, social, familial, cultural, community, and societal factors that serve as barriers to the well-being of older adults and their families.

Why is gero-social work important?

“By 2020, one in six Americans are projected to be age 65 and older, with the most dramatic growth among those over age 85, elders of color, and women (CSWE Gero-Ed Center, 2011).” These demographic changes will in turn lead to a need for social workers with interest, education, and experience working with older adults and their families.

The St. Catherine University ~ University of St. Thomas School of Social Work is dedicated to creating opportunities for graduate students to develop the necessary competencies to serve the aging population. There are gero-social work initiatives in the undergraduate and graduate social work programs to meet this growing need within the profession.

BSW Initiatives

MSW Initiatives