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Gero-Social Work Practice

Gero-Social Work Practice

Gero-Social Work and the BEL Grant

The purpose of the Baccalaureate Experiential Learning (BEL) grant is to further infuse gero-social work content and experiences into the BSW curriculum. It is focused on growing knowledge, values, skills, and competence related to working with older adults, as well as growing students’ interest in pursuing positions in gero-social work.

The University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University BSW program’s BEL project has infused and enhanced curriculum to highlight gero-social work with the following in mind: 1) gero-social work is a practice area that is growing rapidly and will offer employment opportunities to current students who can sustain and grow that field of practice; 2) gero-social work includes practice at all levels of generalist practice – micro, mezzo, and macro; 3) direct contact with older adults and exposure to the gero-field will increase students knowledge and interest in gero-social work practice and their ability to work with older adults whatever the field of practice.  Student experiential activities will include: interviews with older adults, researching and networking with local advocacy groups, touring and networking with local agencies serving older adults, lobbying with a local advocacy group, contributing to a gero website, and field placements working with older adults including a small stipend for some senior students placed in gero-social work settings.


Junior Field students and faculty visit Augustana Health Care Center of Minneapolis 

Collaborating Agencies (Click on name of agency to visit website):

Keystone Community Services

Sholom Home 

Walker Methodist Health Center 

Asera Care 

Jewish Family Service of St. Paul 

Augustana Health Care Center of Minneapolis




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