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School of Social Work

Alumni: BSW & MSW Field Instruction

Alumni: BSW & MSW Field Instruction

Social Work, as an applied discipline and profession, requires emphasis upon planned field experience as a vital component of the educational process. This experience is often a major determination of the student's future effectiveness as a social worker. Field placements are designed to involve the student, field instructor, and faculty field liaison in a partnership of preparation for generalist practice at the BSW level and for clinical practice at the MSW level.
Our alums are a terrific resource to our students as field instructors. We encourage our alumni to consider becoming fieldwork instructors and share their time and experience and contribute to the social work profession.

Alumni who have two years post BSW experience, and are licensed (in any category) or in a legal exemption category are eligible to supervise BSW students.

Alumni who have two years post MSW experience, and are licensed or in a legal exemption category are eligible to supervise MSW students.

Field Instructors work with the School of Social Work as partners and agree to:

  • Participate in the Field Instructor Orientation.
  • Select appropriate assignments and with the student to create learning goals.
  • Provide for the student an orientation to agency and job/task.
  • Work collaboratively with the field faculty liaison and student to identify both strengths and areas for professional growth and maximize the student’s potential for success. 
  • Provide on-going supervision, feedback, and evaluations of the student throughout the placement.
  • Participate in evaluation meetings with the student and field faculty liaison.
  • Complete and submit requested materials to the social work school, e.g., field instructor agreement form, student evaluations, etc.

In order to support you in your role we offer field instructors a number of professional development opportunities.  Each year we provide a Field Instructor Training Series (FITS) designed specifically to enhance skills in supervision.  In May we celebrate the contributions of the field instructors with an annual workshop and appreciation luncheon.  More information on these events is available at the Field Instructors webpage.  In addition, we offer library privileges through St. Catherine University for all field instructors currently supervising our students. This will allow you to check books out, as well as to access on-line publication databases.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a field instructor, please contact: Carey Winkler, Director of BSW Field Education (651-962-5815 or Lisa Richardson, Director of MSW Field Education (651-690-6825