Scholarly Activities

These are featured publications from Service-Learning faculty.

Amel, Elise L. (UST Faculty member) in Conway, James M., Amel, Elise L., and Gerwien, Daniel P. “Teaching and Learning in the Social Context: A Meta-Analysis of Service Learning’s Effects on Academic, Personal, Social, and Citizenship Outcomes,” in Teaching of Psychology,(2009) 36:4,233 - 245.

Bruess, Carol. “Reaching the Community: Service-Learning Nuts and Bolts.” Panel presentation at the National Communication Association Conference, Miami, FL. November 2003.

Callaway, Susan J. "Transforming the Writing Center Through Community-Based Partnering." Conference on College Composition and Communication. Lexington, KY. March 2010.

High-Pippert, Angela. “Feeding the Mind: Integrating Service-Learning into
an American Public Policy Course.” Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association
Annual National Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. April 2-5, 2009.

Scully, Tim. Lessons from the Heart (documentary), Producer/Director, 26:20 documentary produced with six students in Advanced Video Production about a mission to Nairobi, Kenya by a Children’s HeartLink medical team. Broadcast on KTCI-TV (Twin Cities Public Television) February 8, 2004. Lessons from the Heart was nominated for a regional Emmy award.

Shams, Ashley and George, Camille. “Measuring the Effects of a Short-Term International Service-Learning Project on Intercultural Awareness,” at Theory to Practice: Advancing Research to Improve Service-Learning Outcomes, Poster presented at the fourth annual International Conference on Service-Learning Research, Clemson University, Greenville, S.C. Oct. 10-12, 2004.

Shemyakin, Arkady and Tiefenbruck, Brenda. “Community-oriented projects in calculus-based statistics courses,” in Model Assisted Statistics and Applications 4 (2009) 253–264.

Waldner, Lisa K. “Teaching About Family Issues Through Service Learning in a Research Methods Course.” Presented at the annual meetings of the Midwest Sociological Society, Kansas City, MO. April 15-18, 2004.