OSLCE – Integrating classroom and community-based learning for the common good

Encouraging social responsibility

OSLCE helps St. Thomas live its mission by providing students with the opportunity to serve the community through academic service learning. This type of learning helps students develop skills that complement academic learning, apply classroom concepts to life experiences, and work on projects of value to the broader community.

Fostering sustainable relationships

OSLCE fosters sustainable relationships with community partners and sponsors community engagement programming. These relationships and the emphasis on community involvement, service, and intercultural learning have been important aspects of St. Thomas life since the school’s inception in 1885.

In 2006, the Carnegie Foundation selected the University of St. Thomas to receive a Community Engagement Classification; this is a classification awarded to colleges and universities with “substantial commitments in curricular engagement and outreach and partnerships.”

Faculty and students can contact OSLCE at:
Murray Herrick 212, 2115 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105

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