Phillips Scholarship (For Students)

Recent UST Phillips Scholars

Read about the newest UST Phillips Scholar Amanda McNaughton and her summer project.

Mitchell Hinnenkamp is a current 2012-2013 Phillips Scholar from St. Thomas. He will be completing his project, "Youth Empowerment Project – Anti-Bullying Initiative," during the summer of 2013 in the St. Cloud YMCA. The Youth Empowerment Project will focus on the empowerment and equality of youth by promoting self-confidence and well-being through programming focused on anti-bullying.

Bryant Ortega is a current 2010-2012 Phillips Scholar from St. Thomas.  He will be completing his project, "Project HOPE – Health Offers People Enlightenment," during the summer of 2011 in partnership with Project for Pride in Living in Minneapolis. The mission of Project HOPE is to create an environment for school-aged children and their families to make healthy choices and to increase physical activity.

Jennifer Le was a 2006-2008 Scholar from St. Thomas. She completed her Summer Writing Workshop project during the summer of 2007 in conjunction with Lincoln International High School, a high school for immigrants and refugees. Since most of the students' first language is not English, the goal of the project was to improve reading, writing, analytical and interview skills in preparation for taking their Minnesota Basic Standards Tests.

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