Dinner Discourse-The Blame Game: The Economy and the Election

Dinner Discourse features prominent local speakers in a delightful setting with a simple meal, great table conversation, a stimulating presentation, and dialogue with the featured speakers.  Come to enjoy dinner and join in the discussion.  Bring your parents, bring your adult children.  Make it an intergenerational experience!

Event SpeakerMr. Tim Penny is currently the President of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation – a regional charity focused on early childhood education and entrepreneurship.  He previously served as a Senior Fellow at the Humphrey Institute and a Senior Counselor to the public relations firm, Himle Horner.  For twelve years (1982-94), Penny represented southern Minnesota in the US Congress and was an Independent Party candidate for Minnesota Governor in 2002.  He is co-chair of the Economic Club in Minnesota, co-chair of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and a board member of Minnesota Common Cause and the bipartisan Concord Coalition.

Event Details:  Thursday, October 11, 2012, 5:30-7:15 p.m., University of St. Thomas St. Paul Campus, Anderson Student Center, Woulfe-North (3rd Floor)

Event Description: Incumbent presidents have historically faced tough re-election odds in tough economic times.  Will this pattern play out again in 2012?  In 2008, then candidate Obama surged past John McCain, his campaign fueled by voter desire for “change” in the midst of a recession and the aftermath of a financial industry melt-down.  Looking back over the past four years and ahead to November, how has Obama’s economic record influenced this year’s election?  More importantly, does either party have the formula for economic success?  And, do voters tend to support a candidate who tells some hard economic truths?  As this year’s campaign concludes, it is clear that both political parties are playing the “blame game”.  But come November 6, who will the voters blame?

Event Cost:  $29.00 per person; if you require a vegetarian meal, please include a note with your registration form with this request  (Registration closes on October 3, 2012 and payment must be at the Center by this date)

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