Why "Learning for Life" is Important to Everyone

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It’s “back to school time” across the country.  For K-12 and College-Age students, this means returning to the daily “grind” of learning and doing homework.  For students in Selim Center programming though, it means the chance is once again available to continue their quest for lifelong learning.

Whether this is your first semester with the Center, or your thirtieth, one thing is certain:  Selim Center students are the ultimate lifelong learners!  Students in the Go to College program have registered for their classes and will be joining their undergraduate classmates starting September 5th in subjects ranging from languages to chemistry to history to sociology and much more!  As of this publication, nearly 100 students have already enrolled to audit undergraduate classes, with a dozen (and growing) new students scheduled to register on September 4th.  Registration is strong for the lecture series and meal-based lecture programs, and there is still time to register for nearly every one of these programs.  See details on the Center’s home page!

At the fair, we’ve had the chance to share the word about what the Center has to offer for adults who wish to continue learning.  For the folks who are hesitant to jump in, we share these thoughts from our participants and now share them with you to encourage you to continue your lifelong learning activities.

Describing the Center’s programs as the “best bargain in town”, many are attracted to the convenience of University-level education without having to do homework or work for grades.  Others embrace the ability to interact with regular college-age students, noting it’s “great to be with the kids-everything in the world is possible for them”, and their enthusiasm is infectious.  The ability to engage in civil discourse as well as to hear diverse opinions is another important aspect to the Center’s programming for some learners.  Many learners also note that they need to keep their minds active as they get older, and the Center’s programming fulfills their love of learning and provides a “painless” way to do so, since the only commitment is to show up and listen!  Others emphasize that the instructors “give us credit for being intelligent, with a wide range of experience from life and our former careers” and that they teach accordingly, challenging the students, while also explaining unfamiliar concepts.

“Regulars” in Center programming unanimously recommend to anyone considering taking any of the Center’s program offerings to “give it a try!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”  Take it from your fellow learners:  if you haven’t registered for a class yet this fall, sign up now and join in the learning!

Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Center Program Manager 


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