The Birth of an Art Form: Movies


Try to imagine a world without movies…’hard to do, isn’t it?  Yet, not too many decades ago, the art of the movie was in its infancy.

On October 18, St. Thomas instructor and award-winning filmmaker James Snapko will present “The Birth of an Art Form:  Movies”.  In this one-time event, he will explore films from the earliest primitive era in cinema, using a two-fold approach:  an examination of film history and discovery.  Students in this class will be introduced to the way cinema began, and will also be exposed to films that you may not otherwise see. This will include looking at the first films ever made by movie pioneers August and Louis Lumiere, Thomas Edison, Edwin S. Porter, and Georges Melies.

Want to know more?  Follow this link to the event page:  Film History & Discovery   A registration form is also available on this page or you can register on a walk-up basis the day of the class.

‘See you at the movies!!


Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Center Program Manager

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