Selim Center Community Outreach Efforts


Did you know that the Selim Center is a community outreach program of the University of St. Thomas?  Did you also know that Selim Center staff complete “appearances” at various events throughout the year to share the news of the Selim Center with persons who may not have heard about us?

In addition to staffing the University’s state fair booth on “senior days” at the Minnesota State Fair each late August/early September, as well as the classes the Center already provides in satellite locations in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and suburbs, the staff also does public appearances to promote the Center at senior complexes and facilities throughout the greater seven-county metropolitan area.

Do you live in a “senior” community?  Does your facility have a “senior fair” or other regular gathering where information could be shared about the Selim Center?  Do you belong to a group that has regular meetings that would welcome information on educational opportunities?   If so, please contact the Center to tell us about it – either by e-mail ( or by telephone (651-962-5188).

Help us spread the news about the Center and thank you for your continued participation and support!

Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Center Program Manager

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