Giving Thanks 2012


We have much to be thankful for this fall.  Despite the many blessings, though, we need to ask for your help.  Quality lifelong learning programs are not inexpensive to run! Costs for speaker honorariums, staff salaries, mailings and postage, food service for meal programs, printing, advertising and other program related expenses add up quickly.

By “working smarter” the staff has been able to increase the learning opportunities offered by the Selim Center by more than 40% in just the past three years. At the same time, careful stewardship of the budget has enabled the staff to cut the Center’s expenditures during these same three years. Still, income from program registrations covers only about two-thirds of the    Center’s annual budget.  So, why should you support the Selim Center?

Research has shown that lifelong learners are:

  • Better connected with the “latest and greatest” information on a variety of subjects
  • Able to approach life with greater open-mindedness and optimism, as well as a general disposition to be open to learning about new or different things
  • Better able to adapt to change as it occurs
  • Able to stay actively involved as contributing members of society 

The Selim Center is dedicated to providing quality lifelong learning experiences for older adults.

In order to assure that the Center will be able to offer

lifelong learning programs in the future,

we need your financial support now.

Your donation to the Center’s Operating Fund will provide immediate annual budget relief. Your donation to the Center’s Endowment Fund will provide a long term pool of funds from which the Center can draw interest to help cover its operating expenses.

If you would like to help assure the future of the Center, please follow this link to our downloadable giving form:  givingform_centerfor.pdf

Thank you for your support and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Center Program Manager

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