Getting Past Scary


The economy is scary – it’s increasingly turbulent and jobs don’t come back after recessions like they used to. On a daily basis that means more pressure and more to do for most employees who are busy with their personal lives as well. And among the baby boomers who are nearing traditional retirement age, many realize they will need to work longer and would like to have more control over their working lives.

Everyone knows they’re supposed to take more responsibility for their careers. But most are not sure exactly what they should be doing in that arena given this “new economy.” Basically, they keep their heads down, work hard doing what their managers tell them to do, and hope the downsizing fairy goes the other way.

But what if there was a way to prepare so that if you found yourself “in transition” you would have a plan and your potential to get another job would be better. And what if that preparation would also make you a better employee right now in your current situation. Would you give it a try? 

Tuesday nights the month of October we will be talking about how to think about your job and your future so you can make your work, work for you. We will look at what has changed and how you can respond proactively now and in the future, discussing such topics as how to better your bargaining position with employers, how to identify and develop career opportunities, and how to “make” time to manage your career as well as do your job. Join us!

Information on signing up for the class is available at: Career Success in the "New Economy"

Author:  Sally Power, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Emerita, University of St. Thomas                                                                    Read more at  Dr. Power's Midcareer career management blog:

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