Driving & Medications: Thoughts for “Seasoned” Motorists


Did you know that 2/3 of persons age 65 and older take five or more medications on a daily basis that could affect their ability to drive?

Even though medications, both prescription and over the counter, have warnings about side effects, including drowsiness or other risks related to driving, many people ignore these warnings, since they haven’t had a problem.  An added problem is that side effects can be magnified when they’re combined with other drugs.

Because of this potential risk, AAA has developed a slick on-line tool to check out potential issues.  Titled “Roadwise Rx”, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has designed a free on-line tool that will let you record your prescription and OTC medications, and also receive feedback personalized to your unique situation about potential side effects and interactions that could affect your safety when driving.

To read more about this free on-line tool, as well as to access it, follow this link: http://seniordriving.aaa.com/medical-conditions-medications/how-medications-can-affect-driving-ability-roadwise-rx?zip=90605&devicecd=PC&referer=www.aaa.com


Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Program Manager


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