Big News for Spring Semester 2013!


We have some EXCITING NEWS!  You can now register on-line with a credit card for most Selim Center classes!  (Be sure to read to the end for a special “insider tip” regarding spring semester registration.)

The Center is pleased to announce that on-line registration with a credit card is now a reality!  To register on-line for any of the Center’s upcoming classes (except the Go to College program), all you’ll need to do is visit our website ( and follow the link on any class page to the on-line registration form. 

‘Don’t want to pay by credit card?  You can still register by check or cash as well.  There is a downloadable registration form available on each class page that you can print and mail in with your check or cash payment.  For those who opted for a paper mailing, the mailing will go out during the week of December 3rd and will arrive in homes over the next two weeks, depending on how your carrier handles bulk/3rd class mail.

Please note that credit cards will not be accepted on a walk-up basis, nor can they be accepted at the Go to College program registration (which is also a live, walk-up registration).  Use of credit cards will be limited to on-line registration, only.

Here’s a special insider tip for spring semester registration:  The Center’s website will be “live” by noon on Friday, November 30, so if you’d like to get a jump on registering for classes, you can do so on-line starting then.

If you have questions about on-line/credit card registration, please contact the Center at 651-962-5188 or by e-mail at

Author:  Susan Anderson-Benson, Center Program Manager

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