Bernardi Campus (Rome) Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to share with us your thoughts and/or concerns regarding the service you received from the UST Bernardi Campus (Rome). We appreciate your feedback as it is an integral factor for evaluating our performance and finding areas for improvement. This survey is anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information at the end of the survey.

Context of Information
How did you contact Bernardi Campus?
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Why did you contact the Bernardi Campus?
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On average, how often do you have contact with the Bernardi Campus?
Did the Bernardi Campus staff member handle your question/concern in a timely manner?

Bernardi Campus Staff Member Performance

Based upon your overall experience, please rate your satisfaction with the Bernardi Campus staff member in the following areas:

Issue Resolution and/or Question Answered
Helpfulness of staff member
Accuracy of Information Provided
Communication of Relevant Policies/Procedures

Characteristics of Bernardi Campus Staff member

Please rate your level of agreement for the following characteristics of the staff that assisted you.

Your overall rating of the interaction and service provided:
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