The University of St. Thomas



September 2007 : VOLUME 5 : NO. 1


In the past year, our editorial board has welcomed the additions of William Bauer of Case Western Reserve University, Colleen Conway of the University of Michigan, Mitchell Robinson of Michigan State University, Michael Hewitt of the University of Maryland, Deborah Blair of Oakland University and David Hebert of Boston University. We’re pleased with these additions and look forward to their service and professional input. With this said, I offer my personal thanks to out-going board members, James Austin of the University of Colorado, Jacqueline Wiggins of Oakland University and Janet Robbins of West Virginia University. These three scholars were crucial as editors and professional colleagues, and the existence of RIME is due in no small part to their contributions. Jim, Jackie and Janet, we were fortunate to have the three of you on the board from the ground level.

Further reflecting on RIME’s development, as I write these notes, I am pleased, and maybe surprised that the hazy initiative that began in uncharted waters in 2000 continues to progress and is now publishing its fifth issue. As I tell my graduate students, history is difficult to assess as it is happening, and I think this may be no more evident than in the world of online publishing and instruction. When I do web searches for RIME, I am pleased to find it in many databases and am reminded that being careful about editorial content is paramount, since I have no idea how far the work of these scholars will reach.

While I don’t know what the future of online publishing will be, I have a feeling that it is here to stay. Along with this, I have these same inclinations when contemplating online educational efforts in general—especially in terms of graduate music education degree programs. Questions and skepticism arise about aspects of teaching and learning through web-based instruction, and scholars throughout the discipline watch and wonder as online programs develop.

Bruce Gleason, Editor

Bruce Gleason, Editor

Associate Professor, Graduate Programs in Music Education, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota