The University of St. Thomas



September 2003 : VOLUME 1 : NO. 1


When I first began developing the concept of a journal on research and issues in music education (RIME!) in 2000 at the urging of C. Thomas Brooks, music department chair at Gordon College, I fortunately had no idea of the obstacles facing me. This inaugural issue of RIME is a momentous event for the many people who have helped with advice, editing and instruction, including several senior scholars who have launched journals themselves, and who helped steer me through the murky waters of academic publishing. I especially thank the members of the editorial board who accepted my invitation to serve without knowing what would be entailed. They were selected with extreme care—prospective members needed to be strong researchers, writers and advisers themselves—and it was essential for them to be proactive in looking toward the future in research dissemination.

As well, I am grateful for the administration of the University of St. Thomas for accepting RIME as an official St. Thomas publication. RIME marks another step in the grand experiment of on-line research publishing—an idea that is gaining stature in academic circles with the advent of quality journals. While on-line research reporting formats will probably never subsume print journals (I can detect a future music education historian quoting me here), RIME was founded with the premise that there is indeed room for a quality web-based music education research journal.

Bruce Gleason, Editor

Bruce Gleason, Editor

Associate Professor, Graduate Programs in Music Education, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota