2014-2015 Special Interest Area Locations

First-Year Experience (FYE) Communities

Located in All First-Year Residence Halls

The first year of college is an exciting time when St. Thomas students grow within the context of a supportive residence community.

First-Year Experience floors offer a unique opportunity for first-year (freshman) students looking for a strong connection to campus life. These resident communities have been created to facilitate a successful transition from high school life to college living. Residents will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of events, programs and activities - both social and educational - that will enhance your learning outside the classroom.

One of the most attractive aspects of the FYE Communities is the focus on developing a sense of belonging in the residence halls and in the St. Thomas community. Students will find out what it means to be a Tommie .

The First-Year Experience communities provide an intentional learning experience that emphasizes the resources needed to make healthy and responsible decisions during the first year at St. Thomas. The staff will provide a series of programs focusing on the basics of college life: relationships, healthy lifestyle choices, personal safety, diversity, academics and more.

First-Year Experience Weekend Activities Communities

The FYE Weekend Activities Communities will interact with and complement the 18 First-Year Experience Communities that already exist in the residence halls. Specifically geared for students who live outside the Twin Cities Metro Area, this housing opportunity will allow students to connect with each other and their new community in meaningful ways. There are no limitations on who can sign up for this community.

The intent of the program is to strengthen students' sense of connectedness to the campus and to promote opportunities for social development and entertainment, particularly on the weekends. A lot of what happens in your college life at St. Thomas occurs outside the classroom and outside the normal academic and business day. Excellent opportunities for building relationships and the chance to try new things exist within residence halls, learning communities at St. Thomas, and the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul community.

Catholic Women's Community

The goals of the Catholic Women’s floor are to foster a sense of community among the women on the floor and reach out to the UST community. Programs and events will help women develop and grow in their own faith and share it with others. Programs may include attending Sunday Mass and brunch together, evening prayer, bible studies and accountability groups. Additionally, the women of the floor are encouraged to get involved in the UST community and the Twin Cities community. They are also encouraged to join clubs and groups of their own interest, as well as, provide service for the communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Recognizing that college is a busy and stressful time, time commitment to things outside the floor will be respected. To build community on the floor there will be some programs that the women will be expected to attend such as the brief prayer services at night. The idea was born out of a desire to encourage and improve the fellowship among Catholic women on campus. Anyone can live on this floor, however, the floor will have many Catholic elements such as attending Mass together, praying the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration. The floor community is open to all faiths.

Catholic Men's Community

The mission of the Catholic Men's Community is to inspire, equip and support residents in living as men of faith and virtue. The men will meet weekly for a short time of prayer, and will also be given the opportunity to participate in the Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Daily Mass, and other Catholic events across campus. The community is respectful and open to men of all faiths, regardless of vocation or academic major, who seek to live a holy life.

The floor is integrated into the many traditions of Ireland Hall, and is closely tied to the rest of the St. Thomas community. The men are encouraged to become involved on campus through co-curricular programs.

Wellness Communities

Wellness communities have been created to offer a living arrangement for residents who actively choose a lifestyle free of tobacco, alcohol, and nonprescription drug use. Both residents and their guests choose not to use these chemicals in their communities. Wellness lifestyle living options are available in Dowling and Ireland Hall.

The primary goal at St. Thomas is the positive development of students. The Wellness housing option exists to support and nurture a social environment where the consumption of alcohol is not necessary and where healthy lifestyle choices are encouraged.

Wellness housing programs emphasize activities and events that are free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Some examples of activities are: movie nights, game nights, and taking part in activities in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul community.

Sophomore-Year Experience Communities

During the second year of college, students often find themselves starting to take courses in their major, exploring study abroad options, and looking forward to internship opportunities. Apartment buildings at 2151 Grand Avenue house 52 students and 2085 Grand Avenue houses 40 students. Amenities include common kitchen, interactive and updated lounge space and updated living accommodations.