How It's Done

The key to success in the UST recycling program is our community. Students, faculty, staff, and guests decide whether or not to recycle. Recycling benefits everyone in our community with a cleaner environment, a more attractive campus, an economic advantage for the university, and a brighter future for all.

The community uses recycling containers to dispose of emptied beverage and food cans, glass and plastic bottles, office paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, books, boxboard, cardboard, batteries, and other recyclables.

Office occupants using the small cardboard office paper recyclers empty them into the corridor recycling containers for office paper.

The Building Service Workers remove recycling from building recycling containers and take the recyclables to several central campus staging areas.

The student Recycling Team picks up campus recyclables daily from the staging areas and brings them to the recycling center in the Physical Plant for sorting.

Special pick ups are arranged for confidential papers and larger quantities of recyclables such as cardboard or books. These pick ups may be scheduled through the recycling coordinator.

After sorting, some of the recycling is picked up by area processors. What is not picked up by a processors is hauled by the members of the Recycling Team to area recyclers.

UST receives income for much of our recycling after the deduction of a tipping fee. Any income received goes into the general fund and helps to offset the cost of the recycling program.

By keeping recyclables out of the trash, we reduce the cost of UST waste removal, decrease the rate at which our community landfills are filling up, recoup the value of recyclables for the general fund, and clean up air, earth, and water by reducing the added pollution that results from refinement of virgin materials. Recycling makes a difference!