History of Recycling at St. Thomas

In the fall of 1988, recycling began in earnest at St. Thomas with the collection of office paper and newspaper.

An excellent reception for the pilot program from students and staff encouraged expansion of the program. The proposals for the new campus recycling program were student initiated. The first two recycling coordinators were St. Thomas students.

Sponsorship and financial support for the fledgling program were volunteered by the Physical Plant. Recycling containers, balers, publicity and storage were provided.

In the fall of 1991, the old trash room on the Murray Hall dock was vacated when a outside trash compactor was installed. The recycling program was given the room for its first "recycling center" complete with a cardboard baler and a can baler which operated in the basement boiler room.

Early in 1993 after the completion of the new Physical Plant building addition, a new recycling center opened on the Plant dock. The 1200 square foot center was the main staging area for the sorting and transportation of UST recyclables. It was equipped with a cardboard baler, a magnetic conveyer belt for separation of steel and aluminum, a can crusher, and a plastic baler.

In 1993 after the completion of Terrence Murphy Hall at 1000 LaSalle, another recycling room was added to University Recycling on the loading dock of the building. It is equipped with a Vertech M-72 cardboard baler.

In 2003 with the completion of University of St. Thomas School of Law across the street from Terrence Murphy Hall in downtown Minneapolis, another recycling room came on line with its own Vertech M-72 cardboard baler located on the loading dock of the UST School of Law. The staging area remains but baler was removed in 2009 and all cardboard is now baled in TMH across the street.

In June, 2009, the Physical Plant Recycling Center was demolished to make way for the construction of the Anderson Athletic & Recreation Complex. The Recycling Center remains in the Physical Plant building but has temporarily moved to the lower level of the southwest corner of PHP.

In January, 2012, with the completion of the Anderson Student Center, a new recycling room was opened on the first floor off the receiving dock.  A Vertech M 60 LPSS cardboard baler was added to UST recycling operations capable of baling over a half ton of cardboard at a time.