Emergency Guides

The emergency guides featured provide the steps that should be taken should these emergencies occur. In addition to the information provided below, Public Safety officials have created a Quick Reference Guidethat can be printed for your convenience. To view the complete Campus Emergency Guide, click here.

Campus Emergency Procedures

Emergency Coordination

Office of the Director of Public Safety

All campus wide emergencies (fire, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc.) should be referred directly to the Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department will coordinate the efforts of the area Police and Fire Department and others responding to the emergency.

Public Safety Department

Under the direction of the director of Public Safety, the Public Safety Department and the Physical Plant Department will respond to all emergencies, provide assistance as required, assess the situation, and maintain communication and coordination through and following the emergency.

Notification Protocol

Depending upon the existing emergency and circumstances, the Public Safety Department will notify appropriate university departments and personnel. The notification roster will be kept at the Public Safety Department dispatch center.

Crisis Response Team

The purpose of the Crisis Response Team (CRT) is to function as an effective team of responders who are able to address a variety of crises and those affected by crises in the UST community. If the effects of an emergency situation occurring at the university are considered to constitute a crisis situation, the Crisis Response Team will be notified.

While the CRT may not be the first responders to emergency situations (Public Safety will generally respond first), the CRT is a response team that can be called for immediate support in crisis situations. Examples of crisis are unexpected deaths, disasters, student unrest, controversial situations, etc.

What Will Happen Next:

The CRT will be notified of the crises by the Public Safety dispatcher.
Once the CRT is notified of a crisis, members of the team will come together to review the situation and make decisions regarding how the university will respond to a variety of immediate and future needs. These include: medical/psychological needs, damage assessment, media interests, student and family needs, neighborhood concerns, etc.