Alerts, Advisories & Bulletins

Please watch for bulletins, advisories and alerts posted in campus buildings and in student publications throughout the year.  Our safety as a community depends on each of us staying informed.


Security Alerts

Security alerts are printed on red paper and describe situations or incidents of the greatest magnitude that may directly impact the UST community.  Alerts can include incidents such as robberies, multiple thefts on campus, or assaults.

Security Advisories

Security advisories are printed on yellow paper, and describe crimes on or off campus that are important to the university community.  While not as critical as the incidents described in the red security alerts, advisories pose significant concerns for the safety and well being of students, faculty, and staff..

Security Bulletins

Security bulletins are printed on blue paper and outline topics of concern that serve to educate students, faculty, and staff on the environment in which they live and work.  These postings emphasize crime awareness and prevention and are posted around campus to warn of situations in which the university community may be vulnerable.  Examples of incidents calling for security bulletins are thefts, fraudulent activity, or dangerous conditions.