Sona Systems

Sona Systems is an online system the Psychology Department at the University of St. Thomas uses to manage and schedule Psychology Department research projects.  This system will enable student researchers to enter their research experiment, solicit participants from the student participant pool and schedule appointments.  Any student enrolled as a participant in the "participant pool" is able to view current student research experiments and schedule appointments to participate in these experiments.

Any questions, please contact Julie Jepma at or 651-962-5030.

Participant Registration Instructions

If you would like to earn research credit by participating in Psychology department research, you can now sign up at:

If you have questions about research credit, see your class syllabus or ask your professor.

To sign up as a participant on Sona Systems

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Request an Account Here in the lower left corner of the purple box.
  3. Fill in the requested information. You must use your St. Thomas email address to register.
  4. Click on the Request Account button.
  5. You will receive an email with your password in your St. Thomas in-box. Go again to
  6. You are now a registered participant. To view studies available click on the study sign-up button.
  7. To register for a study click on the studies title. On the next screen, click View Time Slots for This Study. If you wish to continue, click the sign up button. You will be directed to a confirmation screen that lists the details of the study. You will also receive a confirmation email in your St. Thomas email account.
  8. To view studies that you are signed up for, click on the My Schedule/Credits button. Here you can view credits earned, upcoming studies, or cancel appointments.