Videos Detailing the Program

The University of St. Thomas Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology recently updated videos used to illustrate our program (October 2007). These videos are available throughout the Web site so that prospective applicants and visitors may see current views of our university and counseling center, our staff, and our interns while hearing from us about our program strengths, learning atmosphere, supervision model and other aspects of the internship.

We offer links to the videos here so that visitors may have quick access to various informational pieces in that format, but invite everyone to explore our Web site in more detail to gain a deeper knowledge of what our training site has to offer.

Staff videos

"Innovative, exciting, committed to growth, flexible, respectful of differences..." Hear some of our senior staff describe the internship.
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Hear the staff describe what they think it is really like to work here.
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Hear our Career Development Center director discuss how interns incorporate career counseling into their work.
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The staff describes how our supervision model works to instill intern confidence.
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Listen to staff members describe who is a good fit for the internship.
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Vanessa (intern from 2006-07) discusses her move to the Twin Cities.
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Interviews with former interns

Some of our former interns were asked about their experience at St. Thomas. Their video responses are available on the Intern Interview page.

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