Renee Buhr portrait

Renee Buhr

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison
JRC 408
(651) 962-5722
University of Saint Thomas
Department of Political Science
Mail JRC 432
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Spring 2014 Courses

Spring 2014 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
POLS 320 - 01 American Foreign Policy M - W - F 1335 - 1440 JRC 247
CRN: 22231 4 Credit Hours Examination of the traditional American approach to foreign policy; America's post-World War II role in the world; the roles of the president and Congress in the making of foreign policy; the foreign-policy bureaucracy; nuclear-weapons policy; contemporary American foreign policies. Prerequisite: POLS 225 or permission of instructor
POLS 424 - 01 Seminar in Int'l Politics - - - R - 1330 - 1630 JRC 222
CRN: 20513 4 Credit Hours Seminars in political science provide an opportunity for students to synthesize and further develop knowledge gained in earlier courses and enhance their critical and analytical skills. Students in the seminars will engage in reading and discussion and undertake a major research project pertinent to the seminar's topic. Specific topics or themes of each seminar will vary. Seminars are offered in each of the sub-fields of the discipline. Prerequisite: POLS 104 and enior status or permission of the instructor.

Summer 2014 Courses

Summer 2014 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location

Fall 2014 Courses

Fall 2014 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
POLS 225 - 01 Intro to World Politics M - W - F 0935 - 1040 SCB 329
CRN: 40311 4 Credit Hours An overview of the contemporary international political system that examines the nature of power in global politics, particularly the transition from a bipolar to a post-cold war world. Emphasis is given to the changing relationships among the great powers, such as the United States and Russia, and to the interaction between the industrialized democracies of the North and the less-developed states of the South. Issues that cut across international politics - arms proliferation, the debt crisis, terrorism, resurgent nationalism - are examined. The course also analyzes the role and impact of non-state actors, such as the United Nations and multi-national corporations, on the international system. Prerequisite: POLS 104 or permission of the instructor
POLS 354 - 01 Politics of Post-Soviet States - T - R - 0955 - 1135 SCB 205
CRN: 42379 4 Credit Hours Provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of political change in general and of the history of the Soviet Union and the fifteen post-Soviet states. General topics include revolution, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, and problems of democratic transition. These topics are illustrated with case studies from the former Soviet Union, including Russia, East European and Central Asian post-Soviet states. Prerequisites: POLS 104 or permission of the instructor.


B.S. and Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison
M.A., University of Chicago

Dr. Buhr joined UST in 2008 with specializations in International Relations and Comparative Politics.   Her research interests include the study of nationalism in East Europe and the effects of European integration on political parties and voting behavior.  In addition to her studies in the United States, Dr. Buhr studied at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Aix-en Provence, France. She has also worked in a number of organizations outside of academia, including the RAND Corporation and the Central Intelligence Agency.