Special Circumstances Withdrawal

Policy Title:  Special Circumstances Withdrawal
Review Date:  8/5/2013

To withdraw from the university for a special circumstance such as a physical or mental health emergency, the student must contact Susan M. Anderson, Director of Academic Counseling and Support and indicate their intention to withdraw from all courses due to special/extenuating circumstances.  Documentation from a medical professional involved in the treatment or care of the student should also be provided to Ms. Anderson.  Documentation can simply take the form of a letter from the provider that includes a brief explanation of the condition/circumstances.  This documentation must be dated within the same semester as the withdrawal.  The request will be reviewed by Susan Anderson and Dr. Michael Jordan, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advisement, for consideration of a partial/pro-rated refund for all courses.

Susan M. Anderson
Director of Academic Counseling and Support
Murray-Herrick Center Room 110


If, in the future, the student would like to return to St. Thomas, there is no need to reapply through the undergraduate Admissions Office; rather:

  • The student will need to contact and communicate with the Academic Counseling and Support staff prior to registering for classes.
  • Documentation from the medical professional involved in the care of the student must be provided confirming that the student is well and ready to thrive in college studies.