Policy Title: Telecommunication Policies
Reviewed Date: 6/2015

Telecommunications Policies

Harassing Phone Calls
If you receive harassing phone calls, please report them to the Department of Public Safety and Parking Services, (651) 962-5100. Perpetrating harassing phone calls is a federal offense punishable by law. The University of St. Thomas also may impose disciplinary sanctions.

Long-Distance Authorization Code/Voice-Mail Passcode
Currently, each residence hall room is assigned one or more telephone numbers (based on occupancy). Voicemail boxes for each resident student are automatically provided. If a student chooses to use UST's long distance services, they may request a long distance access code by contacting the IRT Tech Desk. Each student will accept full responsibility for assigned Telecom codes and maintaining the confidentiality of the codes. All charges billed to the code(s) are the student's responsibility to pay. Please notify Telecom immediately if codes are lost or if unauthorized calls are billed to you. There will be a $30 replacement fee for each new authorization code issued. Voice mailboxes and data access equipment will be charged to the student at $25 per semester and will appear on the monthly tuition statement.

The university prohibits charging long-distance calls to another person's authorization code, telephone credit card or a third-party number. Similarly, you may not use another person's voice-mail passcode. Penalties for unauthorized use of codes include:

  • The deactivation of codes held by the person found abusing the codes of another. The deactivation will remain in effect for the remainder of the school year.
  • Those responsible for such abuse will be held liable for the full costs incurred, plus a $100 fine.
  • Disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the Director of Residence Life and/or the Dean of Students.