Policy Title: Sales and Solicitation on Campus
Reviewed date: 11/1/2012
Pertains to: All students, faculty and staff
Policy Index: www.stthomas.edu/policies

Sales and Solicitation on Campus

Solicitation or sale of any products at the University of St. Thomas by any group or individual requires written permission. The Department of Campus Life is the university official responsible for granting such permission for university-wide sales and solicitation in both the Anderson Student Center or in the residence halls.

A.The Department of Campus Life may grant permission for sales and solicitation to an officially recognized student organization if all of the following conditions are met:

1. An officially recognized student organization in good standing is either selling the item itself or agrees to sponsor the sales or solicitation. Organizations will be limited to no more than three sales per organization per semester, each sale not exceeding five days.
2.The product is not sold in direct competition with another approved sale or solicitation. The sale of similar but not identical items may be approved.
3.The product is not sold in direct competition with products sold in the university Bookstore or university Food Service (exceptions may be granted for periodic bake sales, or school spirit items such as hats, mufflers, shirts, etc.).
4.The sponsoring club or organization is guaranteed at least 15 percent of the gross sales or a flat rate of at least $50 per day, whichever is higher.
5. The proceeds from any sale must benefit the entire sponsoring organization and not simply some members who might use the organization as a front to set up such sales. For credit card solicitations, at least one member of the sponsoring organization must be present to staff the table.
6.T-shirts, posters, etc., which contain design elements must be approved by the Department of Campus Life.
7.The product for sale or the solicitation is appropriate for a Catholic university.
8.The written permission form (fundraising report) has been received in the Department of Campus Life at least two weeks in advance of the proposed sale/fundraiser.

B.In addition, sales and solicitation on campus may be granted if:

1.The sales or solicitation is of direct educational benefit to students or of significant benefit to the University of St. Thomas community.
2.The sales or solicitation is sponsored by an administrative or academic department of the university.
3.The sale or solicitation is by an off-campus nonprofit organization such as the Girl Scouts. Such solicitation will be limited to no more than two days per year. Sales will be conducted from assigned tables in Campus Way or the residence halls. Arrangements should be made through the Facilities Scheduling Office.
4.The university retains the right to restrict time, place and manner of solicitations in order to protect the educational environment of the institution.

The business of any approved sale or solicitation must be conducted in the confinement of the area (or space) approved by the Department of Campus Life in the Anderson Student Center. The university may, if it chooses, impose an additional "rental charge" to cover overhead costs to the institution.