Student Bill of Rights

Student Rights

1.Students have the right to receive regular and organized instruction and guidance consistent with the aims of the course for which they have registered.
2.A student's grade in a course would be determined only by academic achievement consistent with the aims and content of that course. At the beginning of the course, the instructor should make known the factors that will be considered in determining the grade such as class attendance, class participation, papers, examinations, projects and/or presentations.
3.A student has the right to have papers and tests graded and returned within a reasonable amount of time, generally before the next assignment is due. In the case of final exams, students should be allowed access to their exam scores and final grades.
4.A student has the right to meet with his or her instructor to ask questions about or discuss course material, either during office hours or during a scheduled appointment.
5.All students have the right to use the educational resources of the university in accordance with the rules concerning their use.
6.A student has the right to the opportunity to participate in student government, athletics and other activities on campus (as set forth in this Student Policy Book).
7.The University of St. Thomas recognizes that free inquiry and free expression are indispensable elements for the achievement of the goals of an academic community. Students have the right to freedom of expression, including the right to dissent, protest and/or take reasoned exception to the information and views offered in any course.
8.Financial regulations are set forth in the university catalog and the award form. Financial aid offered and officially accepted according to these conditions will not be revoked except for serious cause after a hearing by an ad hoc Financial Aid committee. The students will be notified and/or allowed to be present at this hearing. An exception to the above may occur when the funding for any kind of aid does not cover the amounts awarded. In this case, the Committee may modify awards without a hearing in order to reduce awards to the amount of funds available.
9.Each student has the right to fair and reasonable treatment by other members of the university community.
10.All students have the right to the opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits of the programs at St. Thomas. No one may be excluded on the basis of disability, race, ethnicity, national origin, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation or economic status.
11.If a student feels that his/her rights have been violated in the process of attempting to resolve a grievance, he or she has the right to bring the case before the University Grievance and Discipline Committee (see "Grievance Process" in this Student Policy Book).