Weapons Policy

Possession of Weapons and Firearms

The University of St. Thomas prohibits all weapons on university property except where possession of a weapon is a requirement of an individual’s job.  Weapons include dangerous instruments that can be used to inflict bodily harm upon individuals or cause damage to buildings.  Examples of weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, pistols, guns, explosives, knives, fireworks, and anything that is not defined as a weapon but is used as a weapon in a dangerous, violent manner.

Employees and students are prohibited from having weapons anywhere while on university property (except where possession of a weapon is a requirement of an employee’s job).  This includes carrying weapons on their person, in their clothing, a purse, backpack, locker, motor vehicle, in their office, or in a residence hall room.  Employees are also prohibited from carrying weapons anytime they are acting in the course and scope of employment (such as business travel, attendance at seminars, traveling to and from meetings, and during off campus meetings).

This policy applies to all employees (staff, faculty and student employees) and students and also prohibits employees and students from bringing visitors to campus who violate this policy.  Violation of this policy by an employee or student will result in discipline, up to and including immediate termination of employment or expulsion from the university.

The safety and security of all students, staff and faculty is of paramount importance to the university.  The university, therefore, reserves the right to inspect university property as well as an employee or student’s personal property while located on university premises.