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The University of St. Thomas Physics Department Observatory exists to facilitate an understanding of and appreciation for the process of modern scientific investigation and how critical thinking uncovers nature’s mysteries.  Observatory programs actively engage participants in the process of discovery  and include UST science and non-science students, education majors, primary and secondary teachers, as well as interested members of the community.

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UST Physics Dept Observatory Technical Specifications

Type PlaneWave CDK 17
Aperture 17 inch (432mm)
Focal Length 115.71 inches (2939 mm)
Focal Ratio F/6.8
Optical Performance 6.5 micron rms spot at 21mm off central axis

Type SBIG STL-11000M
Filter Wheel SBIG FW8-STL 8 position
Filters UBVRI Photometry filters
LRGB Color balanced imaging filters
H-alpha, O III, S II narrow band
Array Size 4008x2672 pixels
36x24.7 mm
Pixel Size 9x9 micron
Plate Scale (On the CDK 17) 0.63 arcseconds/pixel
Field of View 0.70x0.47 degrees

Other Information
Magnitude Limit 17.4 (SNR=3 in 1 minute exposure)
Typical Seeing 2.0 to 3.0 arcseconds
Public Observing




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NGC 7311 Galaxy

Orion Nebula

Ring Nebula

Control Room


The Dome at Night