Keys and Locks Policy

A. Administration of Keys and Lock

  1. The Physical Plant Department shall administer the key and lock policy for the University of St. Thomas, as well as the monitoring of locks and key control inventory. The following policy does not apply to the School of Divinity.

B. Issuance of Keys

  1. All requests for building master and sub-master keys must be approved by the Vice President of Business Affairs.
  2. All requests for keys must designate the names of personnel to whom the key will be issued and that individual must sign a key inventory card at the Physical Plant key shop for the key. Keys will not be sent through the mail, nor will they be released to anyone other that the person designated on the request form. No telephone orders will be accepted.
  3. Individuals who are leaving the employment of the University of St. Thomas must return their keys to the Physical Plant. Keys shall not be transferred from one person to another. The University will consider the exit process incomplete unless the above is completed. Employees shall be cautioned to obtain receipts for returned keys. Employees failing to return keys will be subject to an audit under Minnesota Statute 181.14 which allows the University ten (10) days to complete the audit and adjust the account of the employee to cover the cost of keys and necessary lock core replacements.
  4. Individuals shall report the loss of any key to the Physical Plant key shop, 962-6543, as well as to the Security Department, 962-5100, immediately upon discovering the loss.
  5. Keys may be issued for limited periods of time, i.e., for graduate assistants, if the authorization so requires.
  6. Keys issued to rooms declared to be radioactive or containing hazardous materials will be issued only with the approval of the Department Head, the Assistant Vice President for Facilities, and the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.
  7. Keys will not be issued for an area assigned to a department without the authorized signature of the department chairperson appearing on the request.
  8. Keys will only be issued to authorized individuals and departments shall immediately return to the Physical Plant all unissued keys which have been stored on an unassigned basis.
  9. In case of emergencies, Safety and Security Officers may unlock an area after proper identification has been shown.
  10. Keys to University facilities will not be issued except on the written instruction of appropriate University personnel, i.e., Department Chairpersons, Deans, Directors, or Vice Presidents.
  11. When a University employee assumes a position which entitles them to authorize keys, they must file a signature card with the Physical Plant Department prior to authorizing any keys.
  12. Building coordinators/department chairpersons will be responsible for authorizing the issuance of keys to the general classroom areas and building entrance doors.
  13. Students will not be issued keys to exterior entrance doors of any building except residence halls.

Changing of Locks

  1. The Physical Plant will inform authorized personnel of all reports of lost keys to their respective areas.
  2. If, in the judgment of the department chairperson, dean, Vice President of Facilities, or the Director of Safety and Security, with the consent of the Vice President of Business Affairs, the security of a building or area is significantly imperiled by the theft or loss of a key, the locks will be changed and the cost charged to the department or area which authorized the lost or stolen key.
  3. Departments may request locks which do not fall under building master or departmental sub-master series for purpose of securing equipment or dangerous materials, i.e., radioactive sources, upon submitting written approval of the department chairperson, dean, Associate Vice President for Facilities, and Director of the Safety and Security Department.