Photo Services Sets 2012 Commencement Coverage


Photo Services currently shoots commencement activities on an alternating schedule of "light" and "full" coverage. "Light" coverage means that a staff photographer will photograph the keynote and other speakers as well as any honorary degree or award presentations. This will usually result in 20 images or fewer.

"Full" coverage means that a staff photographer will photograph all of the above in addition to collecting editorial and stock photography of things like students receiving diplomas, walking through campus in caps and gowns, and celebrating during and after the ceremony. This will generally result in 60-100 images.

This year's coverage schedule is as follows:

CommencementCoverage Type/Photographer
School of Law Full - Mike Ekern
Graduate Light - Mark Jensen
Undergraduate Full - Mike Ekern
Graduate Business Light - Mark Jensen

Please note that in all cases, commemorative photos of individual graduates receivng their diplomas are taken by a contract photographer not affiliated with Photo Services. You can find out more about this and other details at the commencement web site.

Questions regarding Photo Services commencement coverage can be sent to director of photography Mike Ekern.

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