Assignment Policy

Keeping in mind the broader needs of the university, we have developed the assignment acceptance policy outlined here. This policy is not exhaustive, but it is our hope that it will address the majority of requests we receive and provide a framework to address those requests which we have not listed specifically. One overriding criteria is that any accepted assignments must be for an external audience.

The tiers below are listed in priority order (with tier one having the highest priority). Each tier has a brief explanation of who will shoot these assignments. Listings within each tier are in no particular order. Note that we still require a photo request to be filled out before shooting an assignment. Just because your request falls within tier one or two does NOT mean we will automatically show up to take pictures.

If you discover that the assignment you would like photographed does not fall under the responsibility of UST staff photographers, you still have several options available. You can request a student photographer, borrow a digital camera from Photo Services at no charge (subject to camera availability), or request our list of professional freelancers who will charge you based on their own rate schedule.

  • Tier 1 (always photographed by UST staff)
    • Magazine Feature Stories
      • UST Magazine
      • “B” Magazine
      • Perspectives
      • CAS Spotlight
      • St. Thomas Lawyer
    • UST Homepage
    • Viewbooks
    • One-time historic events and historic speakers
      • Examples include ground-breakings, dedications, major capital campaign events
      • Examples of historic speakers include Bill Gates or Jimmy Carter
    • High-profile alumni events (to be determined in consultation with ACR)
      • Examples include Homecoming
    • Institutional Advertising
    • Commencement Speakers
  • Tier 2 (always photographed by UST staff, but subordinate to Tier 1)
    • Faculty/staff portraits
      • Limited to a new portrait every three years unless they are being profiled in an accepted publication.
      • Must schedule using the headshot booking form.
    • Newsroom story images
    • story images
    • Undergrad Admissions Website (when not limited by lower tiers)
    • General Campus Scenes
  • Tier 3 (repeating events to be photographed by UST staff on a non-yearly basis)
    • Orientation and Registration
    • Fall/Spring Community Cleanups
    • Masses (various clients)
    • Commencement ceremonies
  • Tier 4 (usually photographed by students or freelancers, UST staff available as backup based on assignment)
    • Repeating events that produce photos of limited reuse
    • Student portraits (limited to a new portrait every three years unless they are being profiled in an acceptable publication)
    • Speakers (unless historic)
    • Changeable content for department websites
    • Department Newsletters
    • Other Alumni events
      • Examples include class reunions
  • Tier 5 (students and freelancers on a case by case basis)
    • Student roster photos
    • Group photos
    • Receptions
    • Tommie of the Year Nominees
updated March 2014