All About Photo Shoots

You're here because you'd like a photographer to work with you on an event, a portrait, or a print or web project. Great, we're here to help. But before you click that big shiny "request a photo shoot" button, take a minute and read through some of the links you see at left - our FAQ, our assignment acceptance policy, and our charges and fees.

Making images you'll be proud to use in your project involves much more than simply gathering the right people in the right place and clicking a button. The more you know about how we work, and the more we know about your project, the better we can work together to achieve your visual communications goals.

Ultimately we want to work with you as more than simple button pushers. We want to be your visual communications consultants. You come to us with a goal that is suited to visuals, and we'll do our best to provide you with creative and engaging solutions.

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