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Ethics: East and West in Hawai'i (UST PHIL 215)

As an introduction to ethics, this course will focus on the historical and philosophical origins of human reflections on the ultimate end and meaning of human life as well as on the morality of human actions. Special emphasis will be placed on the consideration of the similarities and differences found by comparing Eastern and Western ethical theories as well as their practical applications. The course will consist of readings, lectures, guest presentations by internationally recognized faculty members of the University of Hawai'i, and weekly field trips to temples, museums and historical sites and shrines on Oahu. Students will be evaluated by way of four papers and class participation.

Enrollment: Selection
Offered: J-Term Only
Prerequisites: PHIL 115
Maximum Participants: 26
Counts Toward: Philosophy major/minor
Fee: $4,700 (includes $150 off-campus study fee)
Fulfills: Philosophy requirement (PHIL 214); Human Diversity requirement
Faculty Directors: Stephen Laumakis and Jonathan Stoltz, St. Thomas


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