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Philosophy Minor Requirements

Philosophy Minor Requirements

A philosophy minor is about the easiest minor to acquire at St. Thomas because after the first two core requirements in philosophy, only three additional courses are necessary and no specific course is required.  We strongly suggest, though, that one of the three courses be Phil 220 Logic because of its foundational character for all other activity, philosophic and non-philosophic.  A minor in philosophy is particularly attractive to students thinking about a career in the professions (law, medicine, public policy), but it will also attract anyone interested in the “ultimate questions” – What am I? What can I know? What can I hope?

8 Credits in 2 Core Courses

PHIL 115 Philosophy of the Human Person (4 cr.)
PHIL 214 Introductory Ethics (4 cr.)

12 Credits in Philosophy

It is recommended that minors take PHIL 220 Logic (4 cr.)

Total Required Credits

20 credits