The University of St. Thomas

Winter, Michael J.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Phone: (651) 962-5375
Toll Free: (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5375
Fax: (651) 962-5340

Mailing Address:
University of St. Thomas, JRC 241
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Office Location: JRC 239

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Current Courses
Course Title Credit Hours Days Time
214 - 06 Introductory Ethics 4 M  -   W  -  F 1215-1320
214 - 09 Introductory Ethics 4 M  -   W  -  F 1335-1440
380 - 01 Epistemology 4 M  -   W  -  F 0935-1040

Academic History
B.A., College of St. Thomas 1986-1990  
M.A., University of Minnesota 1990-1992
Ph.D., University of Minnesota 1992-1996

Ethical Theory

Rethinking Virtue Ethics. Springer 2011.

Selected Publications
"Does Moral Virtue Require Knowledge?: A Response to Julia Driver." Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Forthcoming.

"Who Do We Think We Are?" Proceedings of the Global Conference on Ethics in Everyday Life. Salzburg, Austria. March 2009.

"What are the Prospects for Armchair Ethics?" Proceedings of the International Conference on Philosophy. Summer 2007.

"Virtue Theory and Social Psychology," The Journal of Value Inquiry, Fall  2006 (co-authored with John Tauer).

"An Axiomatic Approach to Aristotle's Ethics," American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 2001.

"Aristotle, hos epi to polu relations, and a demonstrative science of ethics," Phronesis: A Journal of Ancient Philosophy, July, 1997.

"Are Fundamental Principles in Aristotle's Ethics Codifiable?"  The Journal of Value Inquiry, 1997.

"Practical Reason and a Demonstrative Science of Aristotle's Ethics," American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 1997.

Selected Presentations
What are the Prospects for Armchair Ethics? Presented at the ATINER International Conference on Philosophy, Athens, Greece. Summer 2007.

Disputation: Can Absolute Rights be Known by Reason Alone? Presented with Thomas D. Sullivan at the University of St. Thomas. Fall 2006.

Does Aristotle Endorse Self-Sacrifice? Presented at the Minnesota Ancient Philosophy Conference, University of MN. Spring 2006.

Virtue Theory and Social Psychology presented with John Tauer; Fall 2005, University of St. Thomas Philosophy Colloquium. 

Aristotle on Altruism, Conference on Values, UW Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 2004.

Aristotle's Insights About Private Property.  Society of European Philosophy, University College, Cork, Ireland. September 2002.

Topics III and the Foundations of Ethics.  Society of Christian Philosophers, Central Division Meeting, Bethel College. March 2002.

An Axiomatic Approach to Aristotle's Ethics.  American Catholic Philosophical Association, Albany NY. Fall 2001.

An Axiomatic Approach to Aristotle's Ethics.  Ninth Annual Minnesota Conference on Ancient Philosophy, College of St. Catherine. Spring 2001.

Internet Technology in Philosophy Core Courses.  A presentation for the department of philosophy at the University of St. Thomas. Spring 2001.

Scientific Methodology in Aristotle.  Minnesota Philosophical Society, College of St. Katherine. October 2000.

A Full Internet Offering of an Introductory Philosophy Course.  Summer Recipe Workshop, School of Education, UST. June 2000.

Practical Reason and a Demonstrative Science of Aristotle's Ethics. American Catholic Philosophical Association; Buffalo, NY. March 1997.

Demonstrating in Ethics.  Society for Christian Philosophers, Loras College. Spring 1996.

Hos epi to polu relations in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.  University of Minnesota. Spring 1996.

Aristotle's Foundationalism: Dialectic or Epagoge?  Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Binghamton, New York. Fall 1995 (presented with Michael Degnan).

Are Fundamental Ethical Principles Codifiable?  Minnesota Greek Philosophy Conference, College of St. Catherine. Spring 1995.

How Far-reaching is Socrates' Argument at Euthyphro 10A-11B?  Minnesota Philosophical Society, College of St. Catherine. Spring 1994

Are Fundamental Ethical Principles Definable?  Minnesota Philosophical Society, Macalester College. Fall 1994.

Ethics as an Aristotelian Science. University of St. Thomas. Fall 1993.