The University of St. Thomas

Stuchlik, Joshua

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Phone: (651) 962-5361
Toll Free: (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5361
Fax: (651) 962.5340

Mailing Address:
University of St. Thomas, JRC 241
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Office Location: JRC 216a

Academic history
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2011
Dissertation: "Reason's Self-Actualization: An Essay on Self-Consciousness and Rational Agency"; Director: John McDowell
M.A., University of Pittsburgh, 2006
B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2004, summa cum laude
Areas of Specialization
Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind (especially Action Theory and Moral Psychology)
Areas of Competence
History of Philosophy, Political Philosophy
"From Volitionalism to the Dual Aspect Theory of Action," Philosophia, forthcoming.

"A Critique of Scanlon on Double Effect," The Journal of Moral Philosophy, 9, 2012, 178-99.

"Felicitology: Neurath's Naturalization of Ethics," HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Science, 1, 2011, 183-208.

"Not All Worlds are Stages," Philosophical Studies 116, 2003, 309-21.
Selected Presentations
"The Argument from Reliability and Connatural Ethical Knowledge"
University of St. Thomas
February 2011
"Hegel on Action as Outer and as Inner"
University of Notre Dame
Hegel and German Idealism
March 2009
"Two Faulty Interpretations of Descartes on Sensible Qualities"
University of South Florida
Descartes and Pascal
"Felicitology: Otto Neurath's Naturalization of Ethics"
University of Minnesota
Midwest Junto for the History of Science
April 2003