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Kemp, Kenneth W.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
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Mailing Address:
University of St. Thomas, JRC 241
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Office Location: JRC 217

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Current Courses
Course Title Credit Hours Days Time
220 - 02 Logic 4 -  T   -  R  - 1330-1510

Academic History
B.S.Lang., Russian Language, Georgetown University, 1973
M.A., Slavic Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, 1975
M.A., Liberal Education, St. John's College, Annapolis, 1980
M.A., History & Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame, 1983
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 1984

Moral Philosophy (including Just-War Theory)
The Relation between Science & Religion

Awards & Honors
Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, The Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland, Spring, 2007
Templeton Foundation Science-Religion Course Program Grant, 1996-7

Selected Publications

"Thomistic Thoughts on the Place of God and Religion in Philosophy and at Universities," Філософська думка. Sententiae. Теологія і філософія релігії. Спецвипуск ІІ (2011): 157-169.

"Science, Theology, and Monogenesis." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 85 (2011): 2: 217-236.

God & Evolution: Fundamental Questions of Christian Evolutionism (Catholic University Press, 2006). A translation with Zuzanna Maślanka of Archbishop Józef Życiński's g i ewolucja: Podstawowe Pytania Ewolucjonizmu Chrześciańskiego (TW KUL, 2002).

"Scientific Method & Appeal to Supernatural Agency: A Christian Case for Modest Methodological Naturalism," Logos 3 (2000): 2: 165-205.

"Euthanasia." Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 72 (1998): 315-327.

"Faith as a Virtue in Theology, Philosophy, & Natural Science." Faith & Philosophy 15 (1998): 4: 462-477.

"Punishment as Just Cause of War." Public Affairs Quarterly 10 (1996): 4: 335-354.

Review article on John Boswell's Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, with Robert Kennedy. In Greek Orthodox Theological Review 41 (1996): 1: 57-80.

"The Possibility of Conflict Between Science & Christian Theology," in Jitse M. van der Meer, ed., Facets of Faith & Science (University Press of America, 1996), pp. 247-266.

"Personal Pacifism." Theological Studies 56 (1995): 1: 21-38.

"Speaking Falsely & Telling Lies," with Thomas Sullivan. Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 67 (1993): 151-170.

"Conscientious Objection," Public Affairs Quarterly  7 (1993): 4: 303-324.

"Civil Supremacy: Its Nature & Limits," with Charles Hudlin. Armed Forces & Society 19 (1992): 1: 7-26.

"Morality & War," in Trevor N. Dupuy, ed., International Military & Defense Encyclopedia (Pergamon-Brassey's, 1992).

"Military Research as a Civic Duty." Ethical Issues Associated with Scientific & Technological Research for the Military, Carl Mitcham & Philip Siekevitz, eds. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Vol. 557 (1990)), pp. 115-121. Reprinted in: Edward Erwin et al., eds., The Ethics of Scientific Research  (Garland, 1993).

Work in Progress
The War that Never Was:  Christian Theology & Evolution

"Let the Earth Bring forth Living Things":  A Catholic Account of the Creator God & His Evolving Cosmos.