The University of St. Thomas

Clemenson, David L.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., Rice University
Phone: (651) 962.5356
Toll Free: (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2.5356
Fax: (651) 962-5340

Mailing Address:
University of St. Thomas, JRC 241
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Office Location: JRC 218

Current Courses
Course Title Credit Hours Days Time
115 - 09 Philosophy of Human Person 4 M  -   W  -  F 1215-1320
304 - 01 Modern Philosophy 4 M  -   W  -  F 1055-1200

Editor, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (ACPQ)

Academic History
Ph.D., Philosophy, Rice University, Houston, Texas
Ph.D., History of Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
M.S., History of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 
M.S., Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
B.S., Mathematics, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Early Modern Philosophy
Metaphysics and Philosophy of Logic
History and Philosophy of Science

Representative Publications and Presentations
"Systemic Reflections on the De auxiliis Controversy." Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, August 2008. 

Descartes' Theory of Ideas (London: Continuum Press, 2007).   

"The metaphysics of cognition in Descartes and some seventeenth-century Jesuit texts." Conference "Bohemia Jesuitica," Prague, April 2006.      
"Descartes' Direct Realisms." American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, San Francisco, April 2005.
"Much Ado About Non-Things."  American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Pasadena, March 2004; Eighth Annual Southern California Conference of Philosophy, Riverside, October 2003. 
"Material Falsity in Descartes: A Non-Issue?" American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Chicago, April 2002.

"A Paradox of Actuality." Analysis 61 (2001): 139-41.
"Priest's Paradox." American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division.  Albuquerque, April 2000

"Berkeley, Anselm and Semantic Paradox: A New Perspective on the Master Argument." International Berkeley Society Conference, Newport, R.I., April 21-24, 1999.  

"On the Consistency of Realism." Southwest Philosophy Review 15 (1999): 55-64.