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Bogardus, Tomas

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Phone: (651) 962-5364
Toll Free: (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5364

Mailing Address:
University of St. Thomas,
2115 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Office Location: JRC 243

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Academic History
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin, 2005-2011
           Dissertation: "An Epistemological Approach to the Mind-Body Problem"
           Committee: Adam Pautz (co-chair), Michael Tye (co-chair) David Sosa, Rob Koons, 
           Dan Bonevac, David Barnett (UC Boulder)
M.A., Philosophy, High Honors, Biola University, 2003-2004
B.S., General Biology, Magna cum Laude, University of California, San Diego, 1999-2002

Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Mind

Areas of Competence
Philosophy of Religion

"Knowledge under Threat," forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 

"Undefeated Dualism," forthcoming in Philosophical Studies

"Disagreeing with the (Religious) Skeptic," forthcoming in International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

"What Certainty Teaches," Philosophical Psychology 25(2): 227-243 (2012)

"A Vindication of the Equal-Weight View," Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology 6(3): 324-335 (2009)

"Should We Be Alarmed by Medical Research?" Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 33(5): 524-532) (2008)

"Zhu et al., "Nerve Growth Factor Exerts Differential Effects on the Growth of Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells," Clinical Cancer Research 7: 105-112 (2001)

Selected Presentations
"Knowledge Need Not Be Safe"
University of Edinburgh Graduate Philosophy Conference, March 2011

"Presence at a Distance"
Personal Identities, their Embodiments and Environments. University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England, July 2010

"Foley on Self-Trust and Religious Disagreement"
5th Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference. Baylor University; invited by Jon Kvanvig,
February 2010

"Disagreeing with the Skeptic"
Responsible Belief in the Face of Disagreement. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, August 2009

"A Vindication of the Equal-Weight View"
Episteme Conference: The Epistemological Significance of Peer Disagreement. Northwestern University, June 2009

"Can Brains Be Certain?"
37th Annual Meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy. University of Alberta, May 2009.
The Arche/CSMN Graduate Conference. University of Oslo, Norway, November 2008.
62nd Annual Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference. Hays, Kansas, October 2008
Society of Christian Philosophers Conference. UC Riverside, October 2008

"Defeating Dualism"
UCLA/USC Graduate Student Conference. University of Southern California, Feburary 2008
UT/UNAM Philosophy Conference. UNAM, Merida, Mexico, October 2007

"Is Introspection Mechanistic?"
PhilMiLCog 2007. University of Western Ontario, May 2007

"Two Wrong Turns for Type-Identity Physicalism"
Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference. Oxford University, November 2006.
Yale/UConn Graduate Conference. Yale University, October 2006.

Awards and Honors
University of St. Thomas Philosophy of Religion Summer Seminar Participant, 2012
Cogburn Philosophical Essay Prize, University of Texas at Austin, 2011
Six Professional Development Awards, Philosophy Department of the University of Texas at Austin, 2006-2011
Kohn-Hutter Lutheran Academic Scholarship, 2006-2010
Phi Beta Kappa Induction and Graduate Scholarship, Spring 2003
Minority Access to Science, Engineering, and Math Research Grant, funded by the National Science Foundation, 2002
UCSD National Institute of Health Research Grant, 2000-2001

Professional Membership and Service
Killeen Chair Conference on Religious Disagreement, St. Norbert College (2012)
2012: Mind, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Ratio, Dialogue, Analytic Philosophy
2011: Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Psychology, Synthese (2x), Minds and Machines
2010: Philosophical Quarterly, Minds and Machines
2009: MIT Press
American Philosophical Association, Society of Christian Philosophers