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"[T]he human being is by nature a philosopher." - John Paul II, Fides et Ratio

"The mind which has become accustomed to the freedom and impartiality of philosophic contemplation will preserve something of the same freedom and impartiality in the world of action and emotion. It will view its purposes and desires as parts of the whole.... The impartiality which, in contemplation, is the unalloyed desire for truth, is the very same quality of mind which, in action, is justice, and in emotion is that universal love which can be given to all, and not only to those who are judged useful or admirable. Thus contemplation enlarges not only the objects of our thoughts, but also the objects of our actions and our affections: it makes us citizens of the universe, not only of one walled city at war with all the rest." - Bertrand Russell, Problems of Philosophy


The Philosophy Department at the University of St. Thomas believes that exposure to the tradition of philosophy is essential to a liberal education, an education appropriate for a person free from the demands of constant labor and free to pursue activities that have provided humans in all ages and cultures with deep and lasting satisfaction.

The department offers two courses that are part of the University's core of required courses. The first introduces students to basic tools of logic and to philosophical perspectives on human nature and personhood; the second introduces them to philosophical principles that underlie moral responsibility and to ways in which these principles apply to problems of the contemporary world.

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